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Get a free limited edition GLS/Vaultek patch and Vaultek T-Shirt with any safe purchase from com with coupon code GLS17. Vaultek App: Open the safe with the Bluetooth app. View battery status, adjust the brightness of the interior light, unlock the safe remotely with one simple swipe, view history log and more.

See pages 09 am: 12 for more information Vaultek" App: Open the safe witn the aluetooth app See pages for more in‘ormalion. This version, the VE20 has 2 methods of entry in the 4-8 digit electronic entry and the backup override keys. We’re going to find out. The Vaultek™ VE10 is designed to go where you go. The optional Vaultek Bluetooth® enabled App provides a highly interactive experience from your smartphone. It&39;s made with only 18 gauge steel so it keeps the product light enough to actually be portable. You can perform multiple tasks including managing user accounts, tracking usage history, checking battery status, and even opening the safe with one simple swipe.

75" tall Internal Dimensions: 11. Exterior Dimensions: 10. VAULTEK™ VE10 A Perfect Starter Safe That Goes Anywhere VE10 Fast Access Points Immediately get to the things you need! A perfect starter safe with secure defense features and ease of us.

Anti-Pry Protection. Vaultek VT20i Features and Specs. Track safe usage Toggle the sound ON/OFF Adjust interior LED Unlock safe within range.

INSTANT ACCESS to your valuables, documents, and firearm(s) from the automatic drop down door. Vaultek Smart App. Essential Series/ Compact Travel Safe Compact design is portable for travel in your car, the office, or backpacks and luggage and can securely hold 1 handgun and extra magazines. Meets TSA airline firearm guidelines. The Vaultek™ VE10 is designed to go where you go. The biometric scanner is high resolution, and grants quick and accurate access to the safe.

You can perform multiple tasks including managing user accounts, tracking usage history, checking battery status, and even opening your safe with one simple swipe. Vaultek Smart App. Single Latch No matter the impact, your safe is constructed to take the hit and keep on ticking. You vaultek v10 manual can also explore other items in the Gun Storage, Safes, Gun Safes, Security Safes yourself to try and find the perfect replacement for you! Vaultek’ VT20i features: Anti. The Vaultek VT10i is a small, portable pistol safe with biometric, keypad and key entry, as well as phone access through an app. Illuminated Keypad.

It uses a lithium-ion battery that charges in 2. It’s the safe you’ll love to have around. Vaultek&39;s VT20 is a bluetooth smart safe that can be opened in 3 ways. Not only can it be opened with your fingerprint, but there are 3 other ways to gain access.

Vaultek VT20i Review Video: Impact Detection Vaultek™ MXi Safe Features 5-POINT ENTRY Includes the unique SMART KEY, rapid fire backlit keypad, biometric fingerprint scanner, Bluetooth app, and manual keys. 0" tall California DOJ Certified: YES. 2 lbs External Dimensions: 11. Vaultek seems to vaultek v10 manual always be coming out with new models. Vaultek VT10i Lightweight Biometric Bluetooth Smart Safe Vaultek&39;s least expensive biometric pistol safe is the VT10i.

It offers the same great features, such as an awesome 5 digit keypad, many ways of entry, and smartphone compatibility. User manuals, Vaultek Security System Operating guides and Service manuals. Proximity Sensor Illuminates Keypad in Low Light Situations 40,000+ Keypad Combinations Responsive Action.

Good through 6/17/17. 0" wide X 5. Use the Vaultek Bluetooth app on your smartphone to view your battery status, adjust brightness of the interior light, unlock the safe remotely and more. It is a great solution for those on-the-go. 16″H Interior Dimensions: 9. Secure Defense: How your Vaultek‘M Safe «eeps people out. The VAULTEK VT20i is slim enough to slide under a car seat or travel coast to coast through security checkpoints. 5 hours and lasts 4-6 months making this ideal for the car, a backpack or your suitcase.

They also make safes like the slider, and MX series. Packaging & First Impressions. VAULTEK VT10i from Vaultek Safe on Vimeo. Works with this unit.

Urban camo design. A lot of people are calling this the best biometric handgun safe on the market. In the RFID locks &39;VAULTEK&39; also has hidden or totally invisible locks that are mounted behind wooden doors & can work with tags, cards or wrist bands from a distance of 20mm.

It&39;s made with only 16 gauge steel so it keeps the product light enough to actually be. The RFID locks are vaultek v10 manual available in simple Proximity or the high end Smart card technology. 5 Hours 4-6 Months Battery Life. Get 10% off your Vaultek purchase with coupon code GreenLight10 on www. SLIM DESIGN is ideal for concealed carry firearms and storing in small drawers and nooks. Vaultek has its hands on a very good product that would be turned into a gym and could become the PERFECT humidor of choice for cigar aficionados. 0" deep X 2.

Non-biometric versions of the VT20i and VT10i we reviewed which are much more affordable; PRO Series: Larger capacity and now 5 ways to enter (addition of a smart key) PRO MX Series: Even larger capacity (8 handguns) and 5 ways to enter (full review here). Dependable security, ease of use, and quick access with the auto open lid. 0 for a highly interactive experience from your smartphone. 5" wide X 9. Use the bluetooth smart app, 4-8 digit vaultek v10 manual backlit electronic keypad or the manual override keys (in case the battery dies).

What makes this safe really awesome is its portability. Or you can use a 4-8 digit code or backup keys to also gain access to your items. Vaultek VT20i Series in Urban Camo design with biometric fingerprint scanner. Vaultek 10 Series Lightweight Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe Pistol Safe with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable Battery (Not Compatible with Smart Key) (Biometric) (Black) 4.

Portable security for you and your family members. Back up keys rechargeable battery charging kit mounting hardware security cable user manual. This technology is popular for water park lockers using wrist bands & Smart tags. You can perform vaultek multiple tasks including managing user accounts, tracking usage history, checking battery status, and even opening the safe. 7 out of 5 stars 334 4. See pages for more information. Biometric Scanner Quick High Resolution SensorStores 20 Unique FingerprintsPrivate Identity Security Smart App Track Safe UsageToggle the Sound ON/OFFAdjust Interior LED Illuminated Keypad Proximity Sensor Illuminates Keypad in Low Light Situations40,000 Combinations Keyed Entry Protective Silicone CoverDual Etched Key.

The Vaultek VT20i is a leading handgun safe, but is it really worth the price? cigar aficionados expect attention to detail and products with the least amount of compromise. Dependable security, ease of. This version, the VE10 has 2 methods of entry in the 4-8 digit electronic entry and backup override keys. 99 OUT OF STOCK This price should only be used as a general reference and reflects the last online selling price.

(2) spare manual keys, charging kit with micro-USB cable and adapter, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, mounting hardware, and HD steel security cable. QUICK ACCESS with an oversized HIGH RESOLUTION BIOMETRIC SCANNER capable of storing 20 unique fingerprints, 5-digit keypad with built-in proximity sensor, your smartphone, manual keys, and SMART KEY NANO (included). Lithium-Ion Battery. I can’t keep up!

Quick access to your valuables and documents from the auto open lid. Download 1 Vaultek Security System PDF manuals. Our product experts have helped us select these available replacements below. • SMART SAFE TECHNOLOGY uses the Vaultek™ Bluetooth App 2. Secure Defense: How your Vaultek™ Safes keeps people out. The Vaultek VT10i features back lit keypad lighting and an interior red light. The Vaultek™ VE10 is the safe you want for every member in your family. The proximity sensor detects your hand to illuminate keys and offers a 5 digit code with over 40,000 possible combinations.

Anti-Impact Latches: Built to withstand forceful impacts and heavy slams. Similar Products to Vaultek Safe VT20i Biometric Bluetooth Pistol Vault 5 models Vaultek Safe LifePod Rugged Airtight Weather Resistant Storage with Built-in Lock (4) 0. Rugged16-gauge steel construction features Dual Anti-Impact Latches, Bolstered Interior Hinges, and Vaultek’s signature Unibody Design for. 75" deep X 2. v10 EXTERIOR-PRODUCT-DIMENSIONS 10.

INCLUDED IN YOUR VAULTEK VE10: Back up keys, rechargeable battery, charging kit, mounting hardware, security cable, and user manual. VAULTEK® Smart App. The Vaultek 20 Series is a larger version of the already awesome VT10i The Vaultek 20 series is basically a larger version of the VT10i that I had reviewed. Fully Recharged in Only 2. 00 (Save Up to . Key: Two keys are provided for manual access to the safe in the event the battery dies.

Does it really meet the mark, or is it just another hyped safe that doesn’t meet the hype? Key Fob: Remote for on dcmanc access. The description of Vaultek This custom Bluetooth app brings a new level of interaction between you and your Bluetooth enabled Vaultek safe. SMART SAFE TECHNOLOGY with a highly interactive experience from your smartphone to manage and open the safe within Bluetooth range.

Vaultek v10 manual

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